Rembrandt’s Room

Welcome to Rembrandt’s Room!

Rembrandt had a room where he kept his collection of books, old master prints and “antiquities and curios”. In a similar vein, this blog collects news and stories about mysteries, discoveries and more in art and history. The focus, by no means exclusively, will be on art and history of the low countries. I aim to discuss topics academically but in an accessible manner and to highlight the less obvious and the less well known.

I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Maaike Dirkx


I studied history of art and English literature and linguistics at Nijmegen and Oxford Universities and developed a passion for unearthing the unusual and for unravelling mysteries in art and history which I love to share. I published articles in the ArtWatch Journal, on the ArtWatch UK website, history magazine Spiegel Historiael and Kunstschrift. Follow me on Twitter (Rembrandt’s Room) and Instagram (maaikesartstories).

 email: maaikedirkx@live.nl



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